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I redesigned Netlify Graph to improve the user experience and I built Netlify Integrations to help developers discover new tools.


Netlify's developer ecosystem

Graph Final Result

Netlify is the number one development platform for building, deploying, hosting, and managing web applications. It offers a suite of tools that streamline developer work flows and eliminate repetitive engineering tasks. In 2021 they approached me to help them build out their design team, redesign and integrate their latest acquisition (OneGraph), and build them an integrations marketplace, to make plugin discovery more accessible.


Designing a complicated tool

Old Graph Editor
Old Graph Services Wizard

The OneGraph service makes building integrations with services like Salesforce 100x faster but the product had never been touched by a designer. It needed to integrate properly with Netlify I was responsible for creating all of Graph’s new product design.


Brainstorming API interactions

Graph Settings
Graph Example Code
Graph Sessions Dashboard
Graph Services Menu
Graph Services Catalog

The biggest challenge that Graph’s design initially offered was a cumbersome onboarding wizard users were dragged through before they were able to see any services Graph had to offer. The first thing I experimented with was a unified interface that previewed what Graph had to offer right away, but still offered a step-by-step process to onboard into very technical product.


Graph services list

Graph Services List

My first priority was putting the various API partners front and center. Focusing on these established brands helped build trust with new users and immediately gave partners a sense of belonging in the app.

Graph code examples

Graph Code Examples

Searching for new services which were previously hidden became delightfully simple, and exploring code examples became fun enough to incentivize users to explore.

Graph toolbar options

Graph Toolbar Options

From there I built a toolbar to house many of the features that were previously left floating on the page. This became Netlify’s first foray into an app-oriented design, rather than a content-oriented design.

Graph onboarding

Graph Onboarding

Finally, I created a step-by-step onboarding flow that explained the most important features, without ever removing you from the product itself.


A fractured ecosystem

Old Integrations Plugins
Old Integrations Plugins

The future of Netlify is bringing developers closer to their tools. With hundreds of partners, plugins, services, and tutorial articles, Netlify has a vast ecosystem. They needed to create a centralized location to maintain current integrations, encourage innovation, and track usage. I was tasked with creating the design for their marketplace.


Prototyping a vast ecosystem

Integrations Toolshop Homepage
Integrations Details
Integrations Simple Homepage
Integrations API Services

For their marketplace, Netlify needed a gallery view with partner logos, a details page with instructions, and a button to initiate the integration. Integration marketplaces are fairly common today, so I focused on what could differentiate us: the story. By promoting all of these different tools, Netlify was, in a sense, building a hardware store for people’s software; so I melded these ideas to create the toolshop.


A new hub for integrations

GitHub Integration Mobile

Discovery and innovation became my main priority for integrations, so search was key. The amount of integrations could be overwhelming to a user, so designing an easy to use search would encourage exploration. You could even search for integrations using the global CommandBar, which worked great on mobile.

Integration discovery

Integration Discovery

While I didn’t want to completely overhaul the marketplace paradigm, I designed and built several micro-interactions and delightful details to help Netlify’s offering stand out against its competitors.

Integrations search

Integrations Search

Search queries do a deep dive into each integration's metadata to find recommendations that are relevent on a technical level.

Partner details

Partner Details

I designed and built a backend interface, using Sanity, to enable select partners to customize their details using a simple, drag-and-drop interface.


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Netlify Graph's onboarding interaction was Netlify's first interactive onboarding user-experience.
Graph's five-year-old interface received a 90% rewrite and redesign in three months.